Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

Love is all around us

This week has been all about Valentines Day which, we all know, is a day to show people or your partner how much you love them. Let me tell you how my week went starting with Love Lockdown which was last Thursday night.

Thursday: Love Lockdown;
It was organized by Josh and his friends and in my opinion, it was a hell lot of fun. But I was one of his crew members for that day and even though I was partially working on that day, I still enjoyed myself. I was helping Debra and gang to take care of the booth in shifts and I was also their stage crew for that evening as well. But what really had my adrenaline going was when it was time for the Open Dance Floor. Had fun with some of my friends and I enjoyed myself :)

Friday: Felicia's Farewell outing and Valentines Day eve:
On Friday I went to College to check my timetable for my class this coming Monday, and later that day I went out with Li-Sha and Felicia to have our "singles" day out and also since it was Felicia's last 2 days in KL so we went Karaoke and had fun, we will miss ya Felicia :) And later I smsed someone I cared about and had a short chat with her and I was really happy to hear from you and I hope your mid-term next week will go well, Gambatte~!! I know you will succeed :) And the rest of my evening... I will tell you wat happend personally next time...

Saturday: Valentines Day:
Well nothing much happend for me this Valentines Day, decided to catch up with my sleeping to be awaken by my grandma, so after that today was more of a carefree day for me and I went to pick up lara from her Extra Class from school and came back and relaxed and the rest of my day was pretty easy going...

My 3 Days of Valentines Day was pretty ok, had fun with freinds, heard from someone I cared about, called my mum, and spent some time with my little sister. And I was happy... Because... I got my vanilla milkshake as well :3 Blueekkkk :P

As I said in my last post this is the continuation of my last Story "The Fallen" hope you like it:

The Lover

The Fallen Angel looks up at the sky above,
A tear rolled down his cheeck,
For he knows he can never rejoin his freinds,
In the heavens above him,

And as he sat on the earth below,
He heard a voice,
A female voice,
Why are you sad she asked,

For I have a broken wing,
And I am unable to fly,
And I have lost everything,

The female angel said to him,
It is alrite,
For I cannot fly as well,
For I was born with only one wing,

He looked up at her,
She was very beautiful,
And her wing was as beautiful,
Like the white snow of winter,

She held his hand and said,
If we hold hands,
We might be able to fly together,

He stood up,
Held her hand and the both took off,
Into the heavens together,
And as they flew higher into the heavens,
He held her in his arms,
And said to her in a whisper,





..."I Love You"...

This was based on a story I heard a long time ago, of a Falling Angle unable to fly, but found someone who was able to bring back and sore away together, Love truely does have a magic which conqures all. Happy Valentines Day to all my freinds, and hold those you love dear close to you, for they will always be there to help, support and love you :)