Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

Life Sucks...

I really hate my life... Everything just seems to fall apart at the last minute... And in the end I always have to clean up the mess... no matter how hard it is... Things never seem to go according to plan and it crumbles down into oblivion...

First of... My F***ing subjects were rejected and now I need to go to college to appeal for my subjects... and that means I have to wake up early to fight for parking... and now I've got a lot of rage for HMC's STUPID system... I feel like kicking them in the ****!!!

And lets not forget my emotions are getting worse... feels like I'm a zombie... but at least when I'm with friends its easier to control my emotions... And I also had a bad vision... Something bad happened to me... And I mean REALLY BAD... and usually... 99% of my visions came true...

But... not all is lost... me and my lil sister are bonding better... we ran/walked in the rain a few days ago... and it felt good... it washed away most of my sorrow... and my lil sister is one of the person who knows how to make me happy... Thanks lil sis...

Well... That's all for now... Till next time... And this time... instead of a Music of the day... I'm ending with a poem I wrote... enjoy;

The Fallen

Once upon a time,
I was very happy,
I was full of Life,
I was Light,

I thought I could fly higher,
But I ended crashing to the Earth below,
I broke one of my wings,
And was unable to fly,

And as I looked up in the sky,
Many angels were flying high above me,
Full of life and happiness,

I can never fly,
I can never rejoin them,
For I am a Fallen,
I am now full of Darkness,
Full of Anger,
Full of Sadness,

And Now a Struggle,
Within myself has begun,
To decide to regain the Light,
Or to be consumed by Darkness,
And I know,
That day will come...

... One Day....

*Note: This is a 2 part poem, the other part will come in my next post*