Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

Talks, Projects and Life

Ahhh the smell of a hard days work feels good. Papers and work slowly progressing according to plan, artworks finally coming together nicely. Everything seems good for now. I had miss Lily all wrong... She was trying to help us... To nurture our creative side... I'm sorry for doubting her and now look up to her for my future projects =D

Ok back on to business, we had a talk about our major recently and I went for the talk about Digital Animation and although the talk was long I was awake and took in everything that he said. It was good and really motivated me to work even harder =D

Which reminds me... I have to send in my confirmation into Digital Animation tomorrow...

In terms of projects. My main concern is about my Stop-motion animation intro which we will soon start filming and hopefully be able to complete before the due date, really looking forward to this actually XD

And in life? Life could be better but I aint complaining temporarily disabled my facebook account due to that it was causing me a lot of unneeded stress and I feel a lot better too. Either way that's all I have for today. Will upload more about whats happening soon and will upload all my current projects here.

Just a small update

Just updated with the new Night Sky 2 theme which I find more attractive than the past one. Just to inform you I have a very interesting post coming up to talk about my recent week in ToA which I find very life changing.