Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

Do you sometimes?

Do sometimes you feel there is always something missing? Like you feel like there is something not right at that very moment? Is only natural...

We feel this way because we are emotionally attached to someone or things and when you remember it, it triggers a memory. These memories can be good and sometimes be bad, but little people think of the brighter side of the picture.

We always try to feel like our lives are meaningless and sometimes it will affect how we interact with others or how it reacts to the things we do...

Sometimes these memories can be triggered by the leaving of a close friend, or even losing someone you hold dear to you... Many ways can these emotions be triggered... even through objects in your very room...

But sometimes, you have to look at the brighter side of things, not just see the negative side of each memory, but at the same time, appreciate the good times as well. And by doing so you will achieve great things and you will feel a lot better.

And coming next week, someone who I hold close to me is going to be starting her internship and I want to wish her all the best, I know you will do great and I know you will succeed, I have faith in you, Subete No Besuto (all the best)

Just for you:

Memories come as they do,
Some might drag you down,
But know I will always be with you,
To turn your frown around.

New House = New Beginnings

Hey everyone, I remember I said I promised photos of the new house well here it is! A new beginning for my and my new family! But before I get to the photos I want to talk a bit about the new house, currently it is located in Bukit Tunku which is near my dad's parents place, I is also very close to my college, about... 10 minutes drive I think, if I'm calculating properly. We spent the whole Tuesday morning to clean the house (I was vacuming, helping with a bit of the gardening around the house and cleaning the furniture in my room). Now since thats all cleared up lets get to the photos!!

Now let us enter Room 1# MY ROOM!!!

O.K. the first thing that I noticed when entering my room was my new closet!

When you open the left side there are a lot of places to keep my belongings and its kinda cool

Ok and on the right side of the closet is the place where I will be keeping much larger stuff from the looks of it.

And this is the bottom of the right closet, a pull out LOL and to be honest I'm not sure which side I will be keeping my cloths yet LOL

And of course my bed! Looks sooooo comfortable :p (tempted)

Can't forget my new toilet, this is where I'll be doing my 'business' and the mirror is HUGE

And the view from my window I can see the road in front of the house which is kinda sweet since I will be the first to know who is at the gate :p

This place is in between Lara's and my room which leads to the balcony and which also I havent taken a photo yet =(

Now is Room #2 Lara's Room and this will be Lara's first official room

Lara's new bed, looks kinda comfy right?

And ofcourse now Lara has a closet all to herself

Room #3 Master Bedroom (a.k.a Mom's and Dad's room)

On the right of the photo is just one side of the closet! and apparently I can walk in it! didn't manage to get to take a photo on the other side though... but in the center of them both is their brand new TV!!

Can't forget the bed! It looks soooooooo comfy I was actually tempted to jump on it :p

I just had to take a poto of this, a chandelier which my mum bought overseas, its very pretty =)

The only persons room which I have not coverd was Lisa's room which was at the 3rd floor, will cover that the next time I go there. Now we shall cover one of my favorite part of the house... THE KITCHEN!!

Check out the new kitchen it is so cool, new stove and everything

And opposite of it is where our new microwave is, lots of new stuff!

Oh and this was my favorite thing in the kitchen guess what it is... come on guess!

A Dishwasher!!! LOL

Cant forget the new fridge :P made by Samsung lol

And right behind the kitchen is the living area for maids if we have any (highly dout we will though)

And in the room next to the maids room is the new Washing Machine and Dryer! COOL

Now that I covered the kitchen area and such now comes to the room right under the chandelier!

The living room!! where when we have guest this is where we will entertain them

And speaking of guest this is the new guest room located near the entrance of the house

So after a longs days work I decided to retire to my new room and try out my new bed :P

This is how it looks like when I'm laying on the bed and thats when I saw it...

My room has a ceiling fan!!! YAY!!!

So that concludes the tour of the house (sort of lol) and I also just realized something... I didn't take photos of the outside!! LOL nevermind will do that in my next post =)

Till next time readers ciaoz