Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

The light shines on achivement...

Well this whole week been keeping myself busy... Working on some projects which one of them turned out good in my opinion... and so far things have been rocky and maybe even challenging... But I know I can make it through it...

Today I bumped into you in college... Was very pretty to see you again after so long... You looked as beautiful as ever... And really enjoyed the talks we had... Seeing you laugh after awhile made me feel really good inside... And I really hope you like your Birthday Present...

On another topic, 3 Piece Painting is having another gig on March the 13th, and this time we are Guest Stars! We were asked to preform for this Talent Show which is happening on that day and they needed a band/performers that evening and the band all agreed and we are in.

For more details on the event please follow this link to their Blog:

Well not much to say about today, but it was a good day, after I got back I was really tired but I was fine after my usual nap, so till next time readers. Jia Ne

Music of the Day:
Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) - The Offspring

Was a very old song my cousin was singing when we were kids and I didn't know the song name until now, and I remember how much his mum really liked the song and I just got curious, and to be honest it was really catchy lol

To hell with it...

I'm so fucking pissed right now... I feel like I'm being used... I feel like I'm being taken advantage over... The people who take advantage of me don't care what I'm feeling and don't give a fucking crap what happens to me in the Process!!

I don't mind helping out... But some people make me go through a really big hassle and they don't care if the hurt me emotionally, physically, mentally or any other way I can think of!! And it is because of someone that I'm this way... That person doesn't know how hurt I am or how angry at "the person"!! I feel like hurting that person but I made a promise that I would control my anger and rage... And I wont do it...

For I know no good would come out of it if I hurt the person so I'm just going to ignore that person and wont bloody care about "the person" any longer... for I cant take it anymore!! I've reached my boiling point and I cant carry on like this! I have my OWN life and I cant be a servant to YOU!! I am no bodies PUPPET!!

...*sigh*... I really need a hug now...

Music of the Day:
Faith - Kazuki Kato

It was from his first Full Album and I really enjoyed it, I was a fan of his the moment his "Vampire" album was released and I continue to support his music career! (Note: I cant believe I missed his "InLove" Concert!! T.T )

Anger Management...

Argh... another week... another way to get me really stressed out... Me and my dad are at each others throat right now and now we are barely talking to each other because of a lot of quarreling and a lot of disagreement here and there...

Also there has been a lot of hassle with college... my subjects were a bit mixed up... and also there are a lot of things going on this term and also there are a lot of problems with registration which made matters really worse I guess... But everything is mostly settled and also I'm happy about it and also a bit more stress free.

Also now my mum is home and I'm really glad she is, because everything is just falling apart right now... and I really need to talk about it to someone... I wanted to tell you about it... but this week is a busy week for you and I want you to concentrate with it and I don't want to distract you... But I know you can do it... Me has faith in you and I kow you can do it~!! Gambatte!!

But so far I've been able to control my anger better and if it wasn't for you and my mum I would not have made it this far... Thank you to both of you...

Well that's all for now readers, I wont post the song of the day cause I'm deciding on 2 songs at the moment LOL so in my next post it will be my conclusion ;) jia ne

Love is all around us

This week has been all about Valentines Day which, we all know, is a day to show people or your partner how much you love them. Let me tell you how my week went starting with Love Lockdown which was last Thursday night.

Thursday: Love Lockdown;
It was organized by Josh and his friends and in my opinion, it was a hell lot of fun. But I was one of his crew members for that day and even though I was partially working on that day, I still enjoyed myself. I was helping Debra and gang to take care of the booth in shifts and I was also their stage crew for that evening as well. But what really had my adrenaline going was when it was time for the Open Dance Floor. Had fun with some of my friends and I enjoyed myself :)

Friday: Felicia's Farewell outing and Valentines Day eve:
On Friday I went to College to check my timetable for my class this coming Monday, and later that day I went out with Li-Sha and Felicia to have our "singles" day out and also since it was Felicia's last 2 days in KL so we went Karaoke and had fun, we will miss ya Felicia :) And later I smsed someone I cared about and had a short chat with her and I was really happy to hear from you and I hope your mid-term next week will go well, Gambatte~!! I know you will succeed :) And the rest of my evening... I will tell you wat happend personally next time...

Saturday: Valentines Day:
Well nothing much happend for me this Valentines Day, decided to catch up with my sleeping to be awaken by my grandma, so after that today was more of a carefree day for me and I went to pick up lara from her Extra Class from school and came back and relaxed and the rest of my day was pretty easy going...

My 3 Days of Valentines Day was pretty ok, had fun with freinds, heard from someone I cared about, called my mum, and spent some time with my little sister. And I was happy... Because... I got my vanilla milkshake as well :3 Blueekkkk :P

As I said in my last post this is the continuation of my last Story "The Fallen" hope you like it:

The Lover

The Fallen Angel looks up at the sky above,
A tear rolled down his cheeck,
For he knows he can never rejoin his freinds,
In the heavens above him,

And as he sat on the earth below,
He heard a voice,
A female voice,
Why are you sad she asked,

For I have a broken wing,
And I am unable to fly,
And I have lost everything,

The female angel said to him,
It is alrite,
For I cannot fly as well,
For I was born with only one wing,

He looked up at her,
She was very beautiful,
And her wing was as beautiful,
Like the white snow of winter,

She held his hand and said,
If we hold hands,
We might be able to fly together,

He stood up,
Held her hand and the both took off,
Into the heavens together,
And as they flew higher into the heavens,
He held her in his arms,
And said to her in a whisper,





..."I Love You"...

This was based on a story I heard a long time ago, of a Falling Angle unable to fly, but found someone who was able to bring back and sore away together, Love truely does have a magic which conqures all. Happy Valentines Day to all my freinds, and hold those you love dear close to you, for they will always be there to help, support and love you :)

Life Sucks...

I really hate my life... Everything just seems to fall apart at the last minute... And in the end I always have to clean up the mess... no matter how hard it is... Things never seem to go according to plan and it crumbles down into oblivion...

First of... My F***ing subjects were rejected and now I need to go to college to appeal for my subjects... and that means I have to wake up early to fight for parking... and now I've got a lot of rage for HMC's STUPID system... I feel like kicking them in the ****!!!

And lets not forget my emotions are getting worse... feels like I'm a zombie... but at least when I'm with friends its easier to control my emotions... And I also had a bad vision... Something bad happened to me... And I mean REALLY BAD... and usually... 99% of my visions came true...

But... not all is lost... me and my lil sister are bonding better... we ran/walked in the rain a few days ago... and it felt good... it washed away most of my sorrow... and my lil sister is one of the person who knows how to make me happy... Thanks lil sis...

Well... That's all for now... Till next time... And this time... instead of a Music of the day... I'm ending with a poem I wrote... enjoy;

The Fallen

Once upon a time,
I was very happy,
I was full of Life,
I was Light,

I thought I could fly higher,
But I ended crashing to the Earth below,
I broke one of my wings,
And was unable to fly,

And as I looked up in the sky,
Many angels were flying high above me,
Full of life and happiness,

I can never fly,
I can never rejoin them,
For I am a Fallen,
I am now full of Darkness,
Full of Anger,
Full of Sadness,

And Now a Struggle,
Within myself has begun,
To decide to regain the Light,
Or to be consumed by Darkness,
And I know,
That day will come...

... One Day....

*Note: This is a 2 part poem, the other part will come in my next post*

Under Development

Currently adding more changes to my blog and ill be blogging about why i chose the theme and everything.

Answerd Questions...

OK, I always noticed sometimes I would always be unable to answer questions my friends ask me... like... "who is your best friend?", "what are your hobbies?", "Are you seeing anyone?" or even "what makes you happiest in life?"... Some of these questions just really bloody annoys me and I think it might help if I answered some of them I guess...

Let's get started shall we?;

1. What race are you? You don't look like you are from around here (surprisingly I get this kinda often...):
- To be honest? Even I don't know the answer to that question... On my IC it says Malay but yet I don't feel like a Malay... I'm actually a Eurasian with many different blood from other races...

2. The name Zenji, its a unique name, is it your nick name? did you make it up?
- Yes its a unique name, and it can be considered to be my nick name and my grandmother gave it to me a long time ago... when I started finding an interest in the Japanese Culture...

3. Your Grandmother gave you that name? does this make you part Japanese?
- According to my grandmother, there were some traces of our family being descended from the Japanese but it will always be a mystery to me...

4. So what are your interest? do you have any hobbies?
- Well... I like rollerblading and drawing. And I tend to talk to much if that counts as an interest... Oh and I cant forget singing... yea singing...

5. So now a family question. Who in your family are you closest to? and why?
- Well if you mean just within my family, I would say my younger sister Lara, she is always full of life and is the total opposite of me, but we do have similar interest.

6. OK besides your younger sister, are you close with your cousins?
- That's a pretty good question... I'm actually close with 2 of my cousins who are Fei and Roz. I use to be close with another one of my cousin... but... sadly... we just... grew apart...

7. Are you close with any of you Parents or Grandparents?
- I'm sort of OK with my dad and I'm on very good terms with my mum... which reminds me I haven't called her in awhile... Call her later... But I think the person who I was very close to was my grandfather... We use to sit down in front of the television after a dinner at his house and exchange life stories... Sadly... that's not an option anymore...

8. So do you have a best friend?
- I have many best friends... And usually I don't like playing favorites... But if I were to choose I would choose Gary... Even though our friendship started a bit late... he was always there for me... and he is a really great friend... Miss Ya bro...

9. So do you have a Girlfriend?
- Currently... No...

10. How many Girlfriends have you had?
- I think that's a bit personal... but I think... 9?

11. Have you ever been cheated by/cheated behind any of them?
- I think my first few yes... and I'll just leave it at that... and I never cheated behind their backs...

12. Have you ever been in Love before?
- Yes... Hell Yes...

13. Do you mind telling us her name? and a bit about her?
- I wont tell you her name... but I can tell you this... She is the most wonderful... intelligent... the most strong hearted... and beautiful girl I know...

14. Do you still love her? and does she love still love you?
- Ofcourse I still love her... She was one of the only people who believed in me... she helped me with the impossible... she stood by my side when I needed it... and... I hope... she still loves me too...

15. Wouldn't you want to get back together with her?
- More then anything... but... like she told me... it will never work... because of her parents... it really saddned me... but if things did start to work out... maybe...

16. That is so touching... If she was here right now, what would you say to her?
- Well... I would say... Your the most beautiful... the most intelligent and strong hearted girl I met... You will always be here inside my heart... You will always be... my "Saiai No Hito"

17. So what you doing now?
- In my PJ and asnwering your question?

18. What are you plans for the future?
- Well... keep working towards the path I chose... support the girl I care about in anyway I can... And be a very supportive big brother to my younger sister... And rock out with my Band!

I think there were more questions but I'm too tired to remember them... I hope I'll be able to answer the rest of them later on... Till next time readers... Jia Ne...

Music of the Day:
S.O.S - Jonas Brothers

It was one of the songs me and my band first preformed and we had a rocking good time preforming it.

Maybe I spoke too soon...

Well I did say my next update would be really soon right? Well... I left college to go rollerblading and at first I thought it was going to be a good day and all that but later when I started it all went well but I thought maybe I should try push my limit... And I did... At first I had total control of what I was doing... But soon after I lost control and feel to the ground and when I tried to stand up I couldn't... I felt a lot of pressure on my leg... And I started feeling pain around my foot area and that's when I realized that I injured my leg... I pulled up most of my strength I had left and stood up trying not to make a scene and went to my car and drove back... It wasn't easy... but I didn't try to think of the pain...

Well that's what they mean by no pain... no gain... and yea I may have injured my foot but that shouldn't stop me... I have to keep on moving... I know I can do it...

Today was a good day...

Well I'm at college to get my progression form from my Level 2 Diploma... And the day is going well so far... Today I'm feeling much better then before... since I was sick for the past couple of days and wasn't able to go out often... But at least now I'm able to go out without my medicine and I'm still standing...

Today I met you and showed you the video... I really hope you like it and I know I was suppose to show it to you on your Birthday... but I was scared I wouldn't be able to see you and thus wouldn't be able to give it to you... I really hope you like it... Also I passed to you the card I got and I know... I didn't know which was the correct side and signed it wrong... Oh well... cant blame me for trying?

Right now that's all for now... and maybe ill continue when I get back later... till next time readers... Jia Ne

Song of the Day:
Only Hope - Switchfoot

Well unlike the version done by Mandy Moore, I also kinda like this version because it was done in a different and unique way unlike the one sang by Mandy Moore and even though its the original singer I still like both of them all the same :)

I don't know...

Lately things for me hasn't been going so well for me... Been getting constantly sick... And also lately... I haven't been able to smile... I don't know why... I remember taking medicine to help with my angina problem and one day I forgot to take it and prolong the time before I took it again and caused me to be very weak and tired... the reason why cause I was late and I overslept when having my nap and I also was a bit in a rush...

Lately... I feel like my life is starting to fall apart... Having too much pressure on me... having to clean up the mess my dad left behind... trying to be the man of the house... and living up to the expectations of my mum... And the only thing that keeps me going is seeing you on MSN every once in awhile... Your always working till very late at night and sometimes... I wish I had your determination... Your strength... and your will to just keep going... And I'm not sure if you feel this too... but... I miss you... very much... But I hope that deep down... you miss me too... you were my guardian angle and you kept me from falling...

Well... That's all for today readers... My next update might be very soon... till then... Jia Ne

Song of the Day:
Love Story *Taylor Swift*

It is a very interesting song, it really reflects what is going on in my life and I really can't stop listening to it, ask my little sister how often to I listen to it. XD