Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

Movng Part 2

OK first off I'm going to be talking about my day. Today we went to IKEA to buy some furniture for the house (mostly for my room due to I didn't go with the others the other day cause I wasn't feeling well and would just spoil the mood) and I managed to find a desk I really liked and managed to get it.

Half way assembling the desk I thought it might be fun to take some pictures and blog about it:

The top of the desk at 60% completion (my hands were real sore when doing it)

After much pain I managed to finish up to 95% of the top desk

After me and my dad did the lower half of the desk which unfortunately didn't get to take much photos but of course it didn't really take long to finish making it. But after a hard nights work we finally finished it.

Side View of my desk

Front View of my desk

I know my desk is a bit messy but I'm still trying to organize the rest of the stuff, but I guess I'll have to leave that for tomorrow... Thanks for reading and good night!

Moving (part 1)

OK I've been staying at the new house for about 3 days now, and I thought I might talk about the experience of moving and things that come with it. First off moving isn't really that easy, cause besides the fact its a hassle to pack up everything and shift them to the new house, you are also saying goodbye to a certain part of your memory and sometimes, those memories will stay in your heart for a very long time...

But also moving to a new house means the start of a new beginning. I'm slowly moving all my belongings to my new room and these are some of the photos;

Enter the new Room (hmm... might make a nice episode title LOL... joking...)

I'm still moving some of my clothes into closet and seeing this reminded me... didn't make my bed properly :p

My temporary table, I actually cleared it after I took this photo LOL

My new shelf which was transferred from my parent's room

Some of my stuff which I'm going to add to my shelf later

The top of my shelf sits one of the things I'm most proud to have in my possession

So far... That's all I have for moving part 1 and soon I'll update it when the whole family stays here tomorrow night. Till than readers, good night and jia ne.

Farewell HELP... Hello ToA...

ToA (The One Academy) which I will be studying from now on... The atmosphere there is very different... I'll be around my fellow artist... Competing against each other... Helping each other with certain projects... Growing along side one another... But... what would happen if I started out straight away at ToA?

Some possibilities maybe is that I might be a bit more arrogant than I am now... Would have been more hot tempered and a bit more aggressive than before... And I guess I wouldn't have found myself if I started immediately when I was there...

But I never regretted going to HELP University College... When I was there I managed to see things in a different point of view... The atmosphere from the 2 places were so different... ToA seemed a bit more tensed, where else HELP had its tensed but pleasant times...

Although I already have friends in ToA... I'm going to miss the ones I met at HELP... Many of them thought me certain lessons in life... To take things in strides... Life is too short to be depressed... Just let loose and be yourself... Love...

I will never forget these lessons that I've learned... Nor will I forgo the same mistakes I did in the past... I know what I must do... And I will succeed... I know I can... And I know I will do great...

Tired... But need to carry on...

Sleepy... But yet I can't sleep... I don't know why but lately I've been pushing myself too hard... And even if the job is already done... I scrap it and do it again... Cause I know I can do better... But Why can't I just see my best is good enough for now? Why do I always want to push my limit? I actually know the answer... Because I know I can do better... And I know that if I do push myself... I wont let myself down...

But lately... All this pushing... Isn't really good for my angina... And I need to rest more to keep my strength up... But I know that... If I keep my strength up... I can put in more work effort in order to do well... But no matter what... I'm always worrying... Always stressing myself... Always pushing myself too hard... Cause I know that in the past I never really took things seriously... And I always do what I want without the consideration of others... But I don't want that anymore... I'm sorry to all those I hurt in the past... Maybe if I was a bit better... Maybe we wouldn't have gotten further apart...

Also... Moving to the new house can be added to my stress I guess... But I'm having problems with some of my stuff as well... Just too much junk... But soon my mum will be back tomorrow and we can slowly start moving all our belongings to the new house...

But right now there are other things on my mind that are stressing me out which I wont be blogging about... Cause I feel its a bit personal... And only a few selected friends will be informed bout it...

I guess that's all for now... I'll be posting a new post maybe earliest by tomorrow... Till next time... Jia Ne

My weekend

OK, my weekend... I'm just wondering if I'll be able to describe it in one word... hmm... looks like I can't... Oh well, can't say I haven't tried LOL.

Well before starting I want to thank, Li Sha, Wynn, Qin Mei and Kevin for the farewell lunch on Thursday, the food was awesome! (WooHoo Pizza!! LOL) I'm really going to miss you guys.

The next day on Friday we went to the new house to do a bit of spring cleaning, but when I woke up that morning... I realized I lost my voice... *sigh* there goes the karaoke weekend... but it was all good I guess...
When we got to the house I was kinda surprised to see a much more furnished house. I even took some photos of it:
This was taken from above the living room area

And just outside my room, is the new TV area which most probably is going to be occupied by my parents most of the time

And just next to the living room is the TV area, you might recognize the red couch from the above shot.

And that's was my Friday, and the only thing was the fact that I lost my voice... Although not the first time but made me sad that I can't sing the next day...

OK next on my weekend list is Saturday. Well that day went well, I went out with Gary and Michele to KLCC, one of the reason's of the change of plans was, cause of the obvious, the lost of my voice so instead went to KLCC for lunch. And maybe take a few photos for my Potfolio for the One Academy. But due to a lot of changes in plans cause Gary had to leave earlier we had to change the plan a couple of times.

So my Saturday... a bit too jumpy but ok... especially the nachos! lol

OK the last day of the weekend, Sunday. As usual, my mum, cousin and I went over to the Dato Keramat Market for breakfast as usual, I had my usual Nasi Lemak + Ayam Combo :P (Yummy) and bought a LOT of Mangosteen and began indualge myself haha and so my sunday goes on. Will update the rest later. For now Jia Ne readers =)

Sweet 16

Alright first things, I want to wish my Lil' Sis, Lara Sophia, a Happy Sweet 16! (although it actually isn't your actual birthday :p) You had a rocking party last night and we all had fun. And now I'll be sharing some photos of the evening and some of comments about it:

Firstly: Welcome to Lara's Sweet Sixteen~!

The guest began to arrive

But before you can get in, you have to sign the board

A picture of Gary, Mum and I

From there on the party began, and me the MC had to get things started. And unlike my sisters Birthday, the crowd was really awesome that night =)

Later after dinner we went with the traditional blowing of the birthday candles:

Lara's Birthday ca... Cupcakes :p

And before the dance floor was opened, we had a small sketch which was done by Lara's friends which was very good~! and very impressive, good job guys!

As the sketch ended the dance floor was opened, and everyone was showing their stuff:

At the end of it all, it was a great day for my Little Sis, and before I end this post, I wrote a poem for my Little Sis during the welcoming of the guest:

Today is your birthday,
What a great day it is,
Hope good times come as they may,
Hope you have a good one Lil Sis.

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