Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

Taking it a step at a time

Taking it a step at a time and not rushing into things seems like it wasn't doing me any justice this semester. Every time, I feel I am rushing, rushing into finishing my assignments, rushing my artworks in class, rushing to do things my mum wants, rushing, rushing rushing rushing...

Things haven't been going well for me and sometimes I feel so insecure about a lot of things. Sometimes I tell myself it is pointless and sometimes I can't get up. And I feel when I'm on the ground laying there I feel like just not moving and letting time to just stand still during those moments so I can just relax and calm my senses...

I remember a good friend telling "Sometimes life can be hard, but it is always good to take it a step at a time..." those words she said really brightened up my day and she is right... Rushing isn't something which we must do on a daily bases. Sometimes we just have to take things slow and enjoy the very fine day which is given to use from the moment we awake from our sleep "Sometimes... I wish time would just stand still... Just for a moment..." I remember you saying that ages ago and yes sometimes I wish time would stand still just for a moment to let me appreciate the things around me... But we can make those moments last for as long as we think positive... And no matter what... every moment that we gain along the way in life, will always be here in our hearts...

The sun rises on a new day,
To bring warmth across the land,
Such a beautiful sight I say,
For here I stand.

Months turned to days...

Yea... I've bet many of you readers wondered why I haven't updated in awhile. Well I've been real busy with assignments and such and everyday is a new day and experience for me, we learn new things every week here at ToA (The One Academy) and every week it gets more complicated... We actually learned to make a Pop-Up Book! How cool is that??

Yea well all that glitter isn't gold. I find myself more stressed than usual and it can get real annoying and draining every single day... I actually feel ill for 3 days because of it... But now I'm back on my feet and ready to go!

Let me run down what I think of some of the classes here in ToA:

Finished Art:
This is where we learn to make stuff from paper and also they teach us the proper way to present our artwork and I find that very interesting. A class that teaches you how to make stuff from paper and such to make packages and other paper made objects, but at the same time teaches you how to properly present an artwork? That's cool I suppose. And by the way... It was in this class I learned to make a Pop-Up Book! (Pictures to be Uploaded to Facebook)

CGD (Computer Graphic Design):
In this class... You guessed it! We learn to use art based programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop. I find this pretty useful, cause I've seen people who are seriously good with Photoshop, but mostly because its a hobby or something, but I'm happy that we manage to go more in-dept of how much it can actually do than just editing photos. This is one of my favorite classes.

This is another one of my favorites. In this class we learn to either draw objects such as cubes, spheres and others or we sometimes draw household items like pots and pans, glasses and anything you can think of that can be found in a house! Not only that, they try to teach you to try see "through" the objects and picture a more 3D image in your head before you draw the thing for real. For example: See how thick a glass is and all the details as well. Not to mention we learn types of shading and as well as the light position.

Figure Studies:
This... Is one of the most interesting... But most difficult classes in my opinion... but it can also be the most fun! In this class we learn to draw more "Human" figures. We study the skeletal structure and the shape of the head/body in other terms... Made me wish I took Bio classes back in High School. Than we learn shading and such and how to follow the lighting and the shadow.

History of Art and Design:
This ladies and gentlemen is on of the BEST classes I ever had! It gave me a more prospective and made me actually LIKE history! The lecturer is just really AWESOME!!! But enough about that. In this class we learn to understnad art and design through out the history of man and how it evolved and the history of many great artist who revolustionized the art world.

This was supposed to be my least favorite. But I am finding myself very on and off with this subject. In this class we are positioned to learn to create new ideas and basic shapes and primary color, not to mention teaches us how to use a brush and paint... But overall its a good class and I really like the lecturers.

More or less those are my subjects this semester, the others which I'm taking are: English and Malaysian studies. Which are complusary subjects of course but can be REALLY irritating...

So far those are my subjects which I'm taking and now about my life.

So far... Life has been real hard ever since I joined ToA, not more in social but rather my sleeping order had been really messed up... Sometimes I don't sleep at all and I tend to come home late now and again... Also... My money has been going down real fast when I have to buy materials... But I realized that it was goin to be... *sigh*

I also find myself missing all the memories and friends I made in HELP... I occasionally visit once in awhile... but I rarely get to see all my friends and such... I miss them... Well I hope things work out for them and for those of you who are in Bachelor Of Psycology and about to enter their 3rd year... ALL THE BEST AND GAMBATTEH!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! XD

Guess that's all for now. I promise not to keep you waiting for my next post. Till than readers, Jia Ne!

Long, Hard, Eventfull and Interesting days...

Days have just seemed a bit longer than usual ever since I joined The One Academy, I noticed a lot of changes in me, socially, mentally, but I believe its a good thing. I really haven't blogged much cause of "unwanted" readers/spammers (just managed to finish clearing them) and now I can open my blog for now.

But lately I've found myself liking what I do at The One Academy (ToA) but at the same time... There is a hole in my heart... I really miss all my friends at HELP but I know that my road there wont lead to anything... But I'm thankful for all the friends I've met... Jei Han, Amy, Kit, Tawfik... Gymmy... But I know that they would want me to take this course to fullfill my dreams of being an animater and to one day be the best animater I can be... I know I occasionally visit... But sometimes... I feel it isnt enough... I always feel an emptyness which I cant discribe...

But unlike the past... I know whats the emptyness... Relationship Issues... I know that being single has its perks... But being with someone... Gives you more motivation to study harder... And I've only felt that with only one girl (who I wont be mentioning the name) She always supported me... But sometimes I feel I took advantage over her... And after we split... She still supported me... She was all I ever wanted in a partner... Funny, Smart, Beautiful... But no matter what... I'll do my best to get to the end of my road and prove myself... You gave me confident and love... Thank you...

A really close friend of mind taught me to always takes risk in life cause if you dont life isnt really worth living... Although there has been trouble between us for bout a year a so... We jumped right back into the friend ring almost immediately... But you've played an important role in my life... Giving me advice and always showing me new things... You gave the Courage to take risks and to just live life to its fullest... Thank you Jei...

You have always been the laughter in my life... You always showed me that when life gets you down one of the best remedy is to just laugh about it and move on... You always know what to do and when to do it and yea you added a bit of crazyness into my life and I'm really greatfull of how our friendship always stayed strong through the harshes of time... Thanks for showing me Friendship Tawfik...

I believe these were the people who gave me the biggest impact when I was in HELP and words cant describe what I feel when I'm with you guys and I will never forget you for as long as I live... You three played an important role for my upbrining and it will always live on within me... Thank you

*picks up bag*

Time to move forward to my dreams, you ready? Michael, Fred, Layna and Gloria? We can do this I know we can. We are never alone as long as we are together, may the road of time guide us to our destiny...

Movng Part 2

OK first off I'm going to be talking about my day. Today we went to IKEA to buy some furniture for the house (mostly for my room due to I didn't go with the others the other day cause I wasn't feeling well and would just spoil the mood) and I managed to find a desk I really liked and managed to get it.

Half way assembling the desk I thought it might be fun to take some pictures and blog about it:

The top of the desk at 60% completion (my hands were real sore when doing it)

After much pain I managed to finish up to 95% of the top desk

After me and my dad did the lower half of the desk which unfortunately didn't get to take much photos but of course it didn't really take long to finish making it. But after a hard nights work we finally finished it.

Side View of my desk

Front View of my desk

I know my desk is a bit messy but I'm still trying to organize the rest of the stuff, but I guess I'll have to leave that for tomorrow... Thanks for reading and good night!

Moving (part 1)

OK I've been staying at the new house for about 3 days now, and I thought I might talk about the experience of moving and things that come with it. First off moving isn't really that easy, cause besides the fact its a hassle to pack up everything and shift them to the new house, you are also saying goodbye to a certain part of your memory and sometimes, those memories will stay in your heart for a very long time...

But also moving to a new house means the start of a new beginning. I'm slowly moving all my belongings to my new room and these are some of the photos;

Enter the new Room (hmm... might make a nice episode title LOL... joking...)

I'm still moving some of my clothes into closet and seeing this reminded me... didn't make my bed properly :p

My temporary table, I actually cleared it after I took this photo LOL

My new shelf which was transferred from my parent's room

Some of my stuff which I'm going to add to my shelf later

The top of my shelf sits one of the things I'm most proud to have in my possession

So far... That's all I have for moving part 1 and soon I'll update it when the whole family stays here tomorrow night. Till than readers, good night and jia ne.

Farewell HELP... Hello ToA...

ToA (The One Academy) which I will be studying from now on... The atmosphere there is very different... I'll be around my fellow artist... Competing against each other... Helping each other with certain projects... Growing along side one another... But... what would happen if I started out straight away at ToA?

Some possibilities maybe is that I might be a bit more arrogant than I am now... Would have been more hot tempered and a bit more aggressive than before... And I guess I wouldn't have found myself if I started immediately when I was there...

But I never regretted going to HELP University College... When I was there I managed to see things in a different point of view... The atmosphere from the 2 places were so different... ToA seemed a bit more tensed, where else HELP had its tensed but pleasant times...

Although I already have friends in ToA... I'm going to miss the ones I met at HELP... Many of them thought me certain lessons in life... To take things in strides... Life is too short to be depressed... Just let loose and be yourself... Love...

I will never forget these lessons that I've learned... Nor will I forgo the same mistakes I did in the past... I know what I must do... And I will succeed... I know I can... And I know I will do great...

Tired... But need to carry on...

Sleepy... But yet I can't sleep... I don't know why but lately I've been pushing myself too hard... And even if the job is already done... I scrap it and do it again... Cause I know I can do better... But Why can't I just see my best is good enough for now? Why do I always want to push my limit? I actually know the answer... Because I know I can do better... And I know that if I do push myself... I wont let myself down...

But lately... All this pushing... Isn't really good for my angina... And I need to rest more to keep my strength up... But I know that... If I keep my strength up... I can put in more work effort in order to do well... But no matter what... I'm always worrying... Always stressing myself... Always pushing myself too hard... Cause I know that in the past I never really took things seriously... And I always do what I want without the consideration of others... But I don't want that anymore... I'm sorry to all those I hurt in the past... Maybe if I was a bit better... Maybe we wouldn't have gotten further apart...

Also... Moving to the new house can be added to my stress I guess... But I'm having problems with some of my stuff as well... Just too much junk... But soon my mum will be back tomorrow and we can slowly start moving all our belongings to the new house...

But right now there are other things on my mind that are stressing me out which I wont be blogging about... Cause I feel its a bit personal... And only a few selected friends will be informed bout it...

I guess that's all for now... I'll be posting a new post maybe earliest by tomorrow... Till next time... Jia Ne

My weekend

OK, my weekend... I'm just wondering if I'll be able to describe it in one word... hmm... looks like I can't... Oh well, can't say I haven't tried LOL.

Well before starting I want to thank, Li Sha, Wynn, Qin Mei and Kevin for the farewell lunch on Thursday, the food was awesome! (WooHoo Pizza!! LOL) I'm really going to miss you guys.

The next day on Friday we went to the new house to do a bit of spring cleaning, but when I woke up that morning... I realized I lost my voice... *sigh* there goes the karaoke weekend... but it was all good I guess...
When we got to the house I was kinda surprised to see a much more furnished house. I even took some photos of it:
This was taken from above the living room area

And just outside my room, is the new TV area which most probably is going to be occupied by my parents most of the time

And just next to the living room is the TV area, you might recognize the red couch from the above shot.

And that's was my Friday, and the only thing was the fact that I lost my voice... Although not the first time but made me sad that I can't sing the next day...

OK next on my weekend list is Saturday. Well that day went well, I went out with Gary and Michele to KLCC, one of the reason's of the change of plans was, cause of the obvious, the lost of my voice so instead went to KLCC for lunch. And maybe take a few photos for my Potfolio for the One Academy. But due to a lot of changes in plans cause Gary had to leave earlier we had to change the plan a couple of times.

So my Saturday... a bit too jumpy but ok... especially the nachos! lol

OK the last day of the weekend, Sunday. As usual, my mum, cousin and I went over to the Dato Keramat Market for breakfast as usual, I had my usual Nasi Lemak + Ayam Combo :P (Yummy) and bought a LOT of Mangosteen and began indualge myself haha and so my sunday goes on. Will update the rest later. For now Jia Ne readers =)

Sweet 16

Alright first things, I want to wish my Lil' Sis, Lara Sophia, a Happy Sweet 16! (although it actually isn't your actual birthday :p) You had a rocking party last night and we all had fun. And now I'll be sharing some photos of the evening and some of comments about it:

Firstly: Welcome to Lara's Sweet Sixteen~!

The guest began to arrive

But before you can get in, you have to sign the board

A picture of Gary, Mum and I

From there on the party began, and me the MC had to get things started. And unlike my sisters Birthday, the crowd was really awesome that night =)

Later after dinner we went with the traditional blowing of the birthday candles:

Lara's Birthday ca... Cupcakes :p

And before the dance floor was opened, we had a small sketch which was done by Lara's friends which was very good~! and very impressive, good job guys!

As the sketch ended the dance floor was opened, and everyone was showing their stuff:

At the end of it all, it was a great day for my Little Sis, and before I end this post, I wrote a poem for my Little Sis during the welcoming of the guest:

Today is your birthday,
What a great day it is,
Hope good times come as they may,
Hope you have a good one Lil Sis.

For more photos follow the too links below:
Lara's Sweet 16 (Ainuddin's Album):

My Sweet 16 (Lara's Album):

Do you sometimes?

Do sometimes you feel there is always something missing? Like you feel like there is something not right at that very moment? Is only natural...

We feel this way because we are emotionally attached to someone or things and when you remember it, it triggers a memory. These memories can be good and sometimes be bad, but little people think of the brighter side of the picture.

We always try to feel like our lives are meaningless and sometimes it will affect how we interact with others or how it reacts to the things we do...

Sometimes these memories can be triggered by the leaving of a close friend, or even losing someone you hold dear to you... Many ways can these emotions be triggered... even through objects in your very room...

But sometimes, you have to look at the brighter side of things, not just see the negative side of each memory, but at the same time, appreciate the good times as well. And by doing so you will achieve great things and you will feel a lot better.

And coming next week, someone who I hold close to me is going to be starting her internship and I want to wish her all the best, I know you will do great and I know you will succeed, I have faith in you, Subete No Besuto (all the best)

Just for you:

Memories come as they do,
Some might drag you down,
But know I will always be with you,
To turn your frown around.

New House = New Beginnings

Hey everyone, I remember I said I promised photos of the new house well here it is! A new beginning for my and my new family! But before I get to the photos I want to talk a bit about the new house, currently it is located in Bukit Tunku which is near my dad's parents place, I is also very close to my college, about... 10 minutes drive I think, if I'm calculating properly. We spent the whole Tuesday morning to clean the house (I was vacuming, helping with a bit of the gardening around the house and cleaning the furniture in my room). Now since thats all cleared up lets get to the photos!!

Now let us enter Room 1# MY ROOM!!!

O.K. the first thing that I noticed when entering my room was my new closet!

When you open the left side there are a lot of places to keep my belongings and its kinda cool

Ok and on the right side of the closet is the place where I will be keeping much larger stuff from the looks of it.

And this is the bottom of the right closet, a pull out LOL and to be honest I'm not sure which side I will be keeping my cloths yet LOL

And of course my bed! Looks sooooo comfortable :p (tempted)

Can't forget my new toilet, this is where I'll be doing my 'business' and the mirror is HUGE

And the view from my window I can see the road in front of the house which is kinda sweet since I will be the first to know who is at the gate :p

This place is in between Lara's and my room which leads to the balcony and which also I havent taken a photo yet =(

Now is Room #2 Lara's Room and this will be Lara's first official room

Lara's new bed, looks kinda comfy right?

And ofcourse now Lara has a closet all to herself

Room #3 Master Bedroom (a.k.a Mom's and Dad's room)

On the right of the photo is just one side of the closet! and apparently I can walk in it! didn't manage to get to take a photo on the other side though... but in the center of them both is their brand new TV!!

Can't forget the bed! It looks soooooooo comfy I was actually tempted to jump on it :p

I just had to take a poto of this, a chandelier which my mum bought overseas, its very pretty =)

The only persons room which I have not coverd was Lisa's room which was at the 3rd floor, will cover that the next time I go there. Now we shall cover one of my favorite part of the house... THE KITCHEN!!

Check out the new kitchen it is so cool, new stove and everything

And opposite of it is where our new microwave is, lots of new stuff!

Oh and this was my favorite thing in the kitchen guess what it is... come on guess!

A Dishwasher!!! LOL

Cant forget the new fridge :P made by Samsung lol

And right behind the kitchen is the living area for maids if we have any (highly dout we will though)

And in the room next to the maids room is the new Washing Machine and Dryer! COOL

Now that I covered the kitchen area and such now comes to the room right under the chandelier!

The living room!! where when we have guest this is where we will entertain them

And speaking of guest this is the new guest room located near the entrance of the house

So after a longs days work I decided to retire to my new room and try out my new bed :P

This is how it looks like when I'm laying on the bed and thats when I saw it...

My room has a ceiling fan!!! YAY!!!

So that concludes the tour of the house (sort of lol) and I also just realized something... I didn't take photos of the outside!! LOL nevermind will do that in my next post =)

Till next time readers ciaoz