Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

Semester 2

Well its already my 5th week of being in my 2nd semester in ToA and so far... It has been a living hell... ><

But sometimes things aren't as bad as it seems, I got to see my friends who I didn't get to see the past holiday and it was great catching up with most of them. For now lets recap what subjects I'm taking this semester;

Language and Communications 2 (a.k.a English 2) - Unlike my last semester which focused more on the language skill itself. This time we are learning more based on advertising. It is a pretty fun in some ways and less stressful than the other subjects.

Drawing 2 - In this class we learn the art of color and painting, apparently I thought I would really dislike this class. But on a bright side I kinda enjoy it. It is also considered one of my less stressful classes cause we don't really get home assignment from this subject so we are pretty safe after the end of every class.

Calligraphy - OK this class isn't as bad as I though. Basically what we do is we learn the art of writing and how to make even an average looking letter to make it stand out even more and to give it a little "flavor"

Computer Graphic Design 2 - OK I was really looking forward to this class at first but until I met the lecturer... He thinks we are all realllllllly retarded and unlike Helena he can be quite a bore... But the good thing about this class is that we can leave as soon as we are done... So yea his work can be finished in like 10 - 20min if you know what your doing.

History of Art and Design 2 - OK the is one of the classes I seriously HATE! Its mostly because of the lecturer... He feels that we must all do everything his way and if we are not at least 90% accurate on the dates he will really F@#$ you up... I miss Mr. Anderson...

Figure Studies 2 - This class ain't that bad... But our lecturer's marking can be a bit harsh if your work is only average but I think its better than nothing, he teaches us a simpler way to draw figures but yea I'm still working on that...

Design 2 - OK now this is the class which I really HATE out of all my other classes. The lecturer can be such a B@#$% I know I feel like I'm shooting her down but sometimes I wish she was a bit more clear on what she wants us to do for our Assignments, most of us (I think nearly all of our) had our Post Card design rejected cause we left out the lines to fill in the address and stuff like that... *sigh*

Bahasa Kebangsaan - 1 word describes this class *Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

Well so far despite the classes being tough, I'm having fun this semester. I have my friends, a new work station and 1 more semester before things start getting really interesting.

Well readers I think that is it for now. Till next time~ Jia


This is all bullshit! This is too much stress for me to handle in the mean time... Too much to think... Too much to do... and Too much little time to do it in... I just feel like stabbing myself with a dagger and just cutting it out... I feel like there is just too much pressure that people are putting on me which I cant handle with... And from her especially... I was having meeting that time and I didn't want to go out doesn't mean you HAVE to come meet me and find out where I am 24/7 I want to be alone and discuss what needed to be done with my group and you making a fuss about it didn't help... It just put more pressure on me... There is just too many things this year which I have to do and I can't be distracted... No I ain't going to take your Bull@#$% I just want to be my own self... I want to be able to focus what I'm doing and I want to supported not ridiculed and put down... I just need... Someone to be there and not let me feel this pain... I want to be happy... I want to be stress free... I want your support... I want your familiar faces... And I want.... The courage I had years ago in me to be able to do what I could before...