Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

Months turned to days...

Yea... I've bet many of you readers wondered why I haven't updated in awhile. Well I've been real busy with assignments and such and everyday is a new day and experience for me, we learn new things every week here at ToA (The One Academy) and every week it gets more complicated... We actually learned to make a Pop-Up Book! How cool is that??

Yea well all that glitter isn't gold. I find myself more stressed than usual and it can get real annoying and draining every single day... I actually feel ill for 3 days because of it... But now I'm back on my feet and ready to go!

Let me run down what I think of some of the classes here in ToA:

Finished Art:
This is where we learn to make stuff from paper and also they teach us the proper way to present our artwork and I find that very interesting. A class that teaches you how to make stuff from paper and such to make packages and other paper made objects, but at the same time teaches you how to properly present an artwork? That's cool I suppose. And by the way... It was in this class I learned to make a Pop-Up Book! (Pictures to be Uploaded to Facebook)

CGD (Computer Graphic Design):
In this class... You guessed it! We learn to use art based programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop. I find this pretty useful, cause I've seen people who are seriously good with Photoshop, but mostly because its a hobby or something, but I'm happy that we manage to go more in-dept of how much it can actually do than just editing photos. This is one of my favorite classes.

This is another one of my favorites. In this class we learn to either draw objects such as cubes, spheres and others or we sometimes draw household items like pots and pans, glasses and anything you can think of that can be found in a house! Not only that, they try to teach you to try see "through" the objects and picture a more 3D image in your head before you draw the thing for real. For example: See how thick a glass is and all the details as well. Not to mention we learn types of shading and as well as the light position.

Figure Studies:
This... Is one of the most interesting... But most difficult classes in my opinion... but it can also be the most fun! In this class we learn to draw more "Human" figures. We study the skeletal structure and the shape of the head/body in other terms... Made me wish I took Bio classes back in High School. Than we learn shading and such and how to follow the lighting and the shadow.

History of Art and Design:
This ladies and gentlemen is on of the BEST classes I ever had! It gave me a more prospective and made me actually LIKE history! The lecturer is just really AWESOME!!! But enough about that. In this class we learn to understnad art and design through out the history of man and how it evolved and the history of many great artist who revolustionized the art world.

This was supposed to be my least favorite. But I am finding myself very on and off with this subject. In this class we are positioned to learn to create new ideas and basic shapes and primary color, not to mention teaches us how to use a brush and paint... But overall its a good class and I really like the lecturers.

More or less those are my subjects this semester, the others which I'm taking are: English and Malaysian studies. Which are complusary subjects of course but can be REALLY irritating...

So far those are my subjects which I'm taking and now about my life.

So far... Life has been real hard ever since I joined ToA, not more in social but rather my sleeping order had been really messed up... Sometimes I don't sleep at all and I tend to come home late now and again... Also... My money has been going down real fast when I have to buy materials... But I realized that it was goin to be... *sigh*

I also find myself missing all the memories and friends I made in HELP... I occasionally visit once in awhile... but I rarely get to see all my friends and such... I miss them... Well I hope things work out for them and for those of you who are in Bachelor Of Psycology and about to enter their 3rd year... ALL THE BEST AND GAMBATTEH!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! XD

Guess that's all for now. I promise not to keep you waiting for my next post. Till than readers, Jia Ne!