Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

A Good Omen

Last night we had a family gathering which ended at around 3am in the morning, and it was fun playing Chor Tai Tee with my cousins (although I lost a number a times too...) but it was an interesting evening nevertheless. After awhile I strolled away from the happy crowd and sat by the fountain just to be by myself and listen to the music my Special Someone likes. And I felt a tear roll down my cheeck and as I looked up among the vines on the shelter of the fountain I saw 3 tiny flowers and I stood up and gentle stroke the flowers and smiled. For this is a sign of a good omen and I believe its trying to tell me that this year will be full of surprises and will impact me positively.

And thats not all, but when I looked at them I thought of a good poem motivational poem for you too :)

In the darkness of the fountain,
I pictured how things might have been,
How things would have been,
If you were still by my side,
Supporting me,
Cheering for me,
Caring for me,
Loving me,

And as I looked up,
3 Flowers lay still on the veins above,
And no other flowers could be seen,
I gently stroked them,
I smiled,
And I know that I must not stop here,
I have to keep moving forward,
I have to keep growing,
and to prove myself to you,
That I can be a better person,

And I know,
Deep down,
You still care for me,
Now is not the time to show it,
And you may believe,
That it can never be,
But love has found its way through many obsticales,
For it has no bounds,
Thus I continue to support you,
In anyway I can,
For I have Faith in you,
And there is no obsticales which is impossible,
No task to difficult,
And I know,
My lucky star is always watching you,
Supporting you,
Keeping you sage,
For I will always be with you,
To keep you safe,
To protect you,
For I will always be here...

Ok, not exactly how i remembered it but I think its alright :) Gambatteh my Dear!! I know you can do it!! We have faith in you :D

Song of the day:
I'm Just A Kid *Simple Plan*

Everyone is a kid at heart and no matter how we try not to admit it, am I right? :P