Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

The Good, The Bad, The Worse...

First week of the new year is almost coming to an end and there were a lot of good and bad things happening and some might effect me really badly... But I'll be explaining them from the good till the worse.


Well managed to get things with me and you back to normal but it may not be in the way I want it... but as long as I'm able to talk to you and be near you I should be happy right?

Also 3 Piece Painting + is having a performance this coming Friday for the orientation night and we are going to have our first Rehearsal as a Full Band this Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it.

Managed to settle most of my differences with my cousin Johan and we are on really good terms now and really happy for it and my success :D


Well wont be starting college till February and I know I should be happy but I cant wait that long... I have to be in college or else I'll be dead bored at home... And I should be following my mum to Bahrain but cant due to my performance and other events...

Still trying to find the melody for my song and it isn't going too well but I'm sure I'll come across one sooner or later... You never know right?

And lately haven't been feeling well... Mostly because of headache... *sigh* what to do?


I feel like I've been used... by someone who is supposedly close to me... I feel like the person only uses me to get to places or ask me to do things that the person cant do for themselves... And after that I felt so alone... That person made me so... Angry... Upset... And hurt me in a way that if you want to know more about it you have to ask me about it personally...


Well that's it for my post for today and I'll now end my post with a "What I'm Listening To" or "Music Video of the Day" till next time readers, Jia Ne

Music of the Day:
Brilliant Snow by Kazuki Kato

When the album first released I was so excited and I immediately fell in love with this song and it has always been in my phone and I listen to it all the time! And it was also the song I sang for a Special Someone for Valentines day ;)