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3 Peice Painting + *Second Jamming Session*

Alright today we had out 2nd jam session and it really didn't go according to plan because of a few things;

1. We were suppose to play for about 2 hours but we ended up doing around 1 1/2 hours due to someone booked the room.
2. Our awesome tambourine player came late and we had to do jam without him.
3. We had a bit of technical problems and took awhile to get them fixed.

So far that was most of the problem but everything worked out fine. We practiced our 3rd song and we had a bit of trouble with it since we were practicing it for the first time today.

When we were preforming I tried a few vocal changes for the songs and in a way I think it worked :p but I have to keep practicing our 3rd song if not ill be in even more trouble... and at the same time I felt I could have done better too...

Soon after, we went for supper and we had Thai Food!! It was awesome, and I felt it was OK, not heavy not light but OK in my opinion especially the butter prawn lol.

Before I end this post here are some photos of today's event:

The studio we were in (its much smaller)

Fei checking the equipment

Greg who came late for the Jamming Session LOL

Andy in deep thought

Us at the Kampung Thai after jamming

Group Photo

I haven't seen Tom Yam disappear that fast before lol

Some of the other side dishes we orderd

And also before I end my blog, I'd like to share with you the song of the day!!

Save You (Simple Plan)

Its a sort of emo song but at the same time its emo in a good way and I really enjoy listening to it (and I'm not bored of it yet!! LOL)