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3 Peice Painting + First Jam Session!!

So today we had our first jam session for a long time, but the only difference we are doing a FULL BAND!!! Which really got me really excited and in the singing mood. To be honest this was my first time performing in a large band compared to our usual 3 man band like we usually perform in XD but I am really excited to our upcoming performance and I know it would be all worth it :D

Alright the evening went according to plan, we went to the studio at around 9pm (we would have gotten there earlier but we had to stop and buy cat food at Ampang Point :p) when we arrived at the studio I was soooooo excited because it was my first time actually practicing in a studio and the feeling was just… Wow… words escaped me…

Alright when we started jamming something funny kept happening, my mikes cord kept coming off, at first I thought it was loose but after awhile I realized that I kept pressing the release button to release the cable… MY FAULT!!! XD

But the rest of the jamming session went alright we actually modified the songs we are performing to our liking and I think we made a good improvement to them too ;)

Soon our jamming session came to an end and we were all tired (well I know I was didn’t know about the rest… I think I strained my voice…) and when we got back I went online and chatted with my friends for awhile before heading to bed and I had a blast… THANKS GUYS!!!

Alright before I end this post I thought I’d introduce all the members of 3 Piece Painting +:


The Bass Guitarist of the band, he actually managed to give most of the songs we were performing a much more unique beat and it was awesome!!


He is the rocking Drummer, and when I mean rocking I mean he can really rock your world, and so far in my opinion he is one of the best drummers I know.


He is Isk and Fei’s sister’s boyfriend, he was a good addition to the band and he was skilled with the tambourine XP


Lead Guitarist and one of the original member of 3 Piece Painting + and if it wasn’t for him this jamming session couldn’t have happened!! He was also the person who came up with the name too.


Rhythm Guitarist and also one of the original members of 3 Piece Painting + and he is also one of my motivations to sing, and he also motivated me to sing better, THANKS ISK!!

Zenji/Nazrin (me)

Lead Vocal and original member of 3 Piece Painting, I’m also the blurriest of the bunch lol you should see me when I’m on stage :p

Alright now to end this blog with my usually song of the day


I Wanna Be Like You (Jonas Brothers ver.)


This is a classic song with a much more modern mix and to my honest opinion I think its kinda addictive :P Classic Song, New Beat, New Sounds I love it!!