Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

Massive Headache and Mum is home!

Last night was one of the toughest night I have ever had. I had a really bad headache last night and it prevented me from sleeping and I kept tossing and turning no luck and I feel my temperature drop and starting having a heat rush which made matters worse. After that I took a warm and then a cold shower to help me get my temperature back but don't think it worked (cant remember and I think I banged my head on a wall too :S) then I went to my dad's room for another dose of Panadol and I was able to slowly sooth myself to sleep (I think) and I just passed out soon after.

One thing I noticed about this was that I always tend to have this every once a year or sometimes even more, what eludes me is the cause of it and I have no idea what is making me have all these massive headaches.

Putting all my trouble aside, my mum came home today! and I was very happy that she has returned from Bahrain even if it is only for 10 days, as long as she is here I feel more at home and less worried about things. And tomorrow she will be following me to college and able to meet someone who made a great impact in my life and I can never picture my life without that someone *blush*

well that is all for today readers, till next time Jia Ne!