Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

One more month??? I cant wait that long!!

Well its official, I can proceed to my level 2 and this would make it my final year in Malaysia before I move on, I was so excited when I saw my results and I felt like jumping but I played it cool (sort of :p). Was talking to some of my friends and apparently we only start back classes in February!! and I was like "What the ****!!" I know a guy should be happy with more free time but 1 more month!?! seriously I cant wait that long, I've been bored at home for the last 2 weeks and not to mention I had a really bad new years and the week was bad...

And it was all because of a single person... If you want to know just ask me and don't worry it was someone who was "supposedly" close to me... I will rant about that some other time and I'm trying not to be mean here, trying to keep my cool.

Well all that put aside there are a few things on my list that I'm looking forward to:
1. Mum is coming home from Bahrain
2. Going back to college (going to finish off my Basic Math and Stats)
3. Going to Level 2
4. Hopefully get to see my friend again ;)

For now I have to bare with this terrible internet connection which is driving me crazy!! (seriously) and I'm considering to blog what happened on my Birthday and such, till then Jia Ne