Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

God doesn't want me to be bad! Literally!!

OK I know that its hard to believe but seriously though I don't think that God wants me to be bad/naughty/sinful or anything! And I know its hard to believe but this happened on many separate occasions but I'll give you 2 of the best examples;

OK one night be and my cousin were coming back from a Cyber Cafe cause we want some cousinly bonding together and when we left it was already very late... and we were both tired (especially our fingers) so when we arrived at this traffic light the light was red, and there was this one car that jumped the light and to be honest the distance to the other end isn't that far so as we were waiting I turned to my cousin and said "Hey you know what? I'm going to do something illegal for a change" I turned my gear from neutral to drive and suddenly, the moment my gear hit drive the light went green, my cousin couldn't stop laughing.

and today at college something else happened. I decided to go a bit late to college today and arrive just in time for classes and well ofcourse the carpark was full as usual. So when I was circling for a parking space, I spotted a nice position where my car could fit and if I parked there it would be considerd illegal cause I could actually block someone. So I positioned my car nicely and about a few minutes later this car which was in the parking spot NEXT to me came out and that spot was available for me to park my car!

Seriously, either this is good karma or God really doesn't want me to sin! LOL but it was interesting how these events keep happening and I'll be paying close attention to these "events" when they occur again :P