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Sweet 16

Alright first things, I want to wish my Lil' Sis, Lara Sophia, a Happy Sweet 16! (although it actually isn't your actual birthday :p) You had a rocking party last night and we all had fun. And now I'll be sharing some photos of the evening and some of comments about it:

Firstly: Welcome to Lara's Sweet Sixteen~!

The guest began to arrive

But before you can get in, you have to sign the board

A picture of Gary, Mum and I

From there on the party began, and me the MC had to get things started. And unlike my sisters Birthday, the crowd was really awesome that night =)

Later after dinner we went with the traditional blowing of the birthday candles:

Lara's Birthday ca... Cupcakes :p

And before the dance floor was opened, we had a small sketch which was done by Lara's friends which was very good~! and very impressive, good job guys!

As the sketch ended the dance floor was opened, and everyone was showing their stuff:

At the end of it all, it was a great day for my Little Sis, and before I end this post, I wrote a poem for my Little Sis during the welcoming of the guest:

Today is your birthday,
What a great day it is,
Hope good times come as they may,
Hope you have a good one Lil Sis.

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