Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

Movng Part 2

OK first off I'm going to be talking about my day. Today we went to IKEA to buy some furniture for the house (mostly for my room due to I didn't go with the others the other day cause I wasn't feeling well and would just spoil the mood) and I managed to find a desk I really liked and managed to get it.

Half way assembling the desk I thought it might be fun to take some pictures and blog about it:

The top of the desk at 60% completion (my hands were real sore when doing it)

After much pain I managed to finish up to 95% of the top desk

After me and my dad did the lower half of the desk which unfortunately didn't get to take much photos but of course it didn't really take long to finish making it. But after a hard nights work we finally finished it.

Side View of my desk

Front View of my desk

I know my desk is a bit messy but I'm still trying to organize the rest of the stuff, but I guess I'll have to leave that for tomorrow... Thanks for reading and good night!