Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

3 Piece Painting

Well its been a while since my cousin and me formed a band, there are good things which came with this, made me closer with my cousin and we found out that we really make a really good team together. Our first ever live performance was a the Charity Aids Concert @ HELP and we really did our best (even though some else sang one of the songs WE were suppose to sing =.=) but we did our best and we made it through.

Our 2nd performance was at the Newbie Night for the new students at HELP and that was one of our best performance I guess not going to judge everything yet because officially it was only 2 times lol.

But I'm glad of the bond it brought us and how close we got together and I'm glad... to have started this... Especially since it was with my cousins.... my Family.... Guys lets work to make a better future in the music industry!!! 3 Piece Painting now and always!!

And as a special treat for you all, here is our testing Band Logo;

If your all wonder, no its not the number '13' I wanted to try something original a bit so I combined 'P + P = this logo' so please excuse me its still in the testing stage :p