Never Ending Nights

For where there is light, There must be darkness, Neither can exist without the other...

Steping onto the next step

Well I'm in my new semester at ToA and yea still in a holiday mood byt great to see my class mates again =)

This semester seems like its going to be an interesting one, new challenges, new art styles and newer ways to broaden our creativity. But I feel that the last couple of days could have been better. Lately some of my classes actually got canceled this week because some of the lecturers weren't in (probably still holiday mood as well LOL). But besides all that I think this sem is going to be great =D

But some how I feel like this semester came out to a rocky start. I just felt everything was just rushed and that I didn't have time to prepare myself for the upcoming challenges. But it seems like even the lecturers were not prepared ha ha.

But I'm glad that the new year started cause it is also a sign for new beginnings and for old hardship to come to an end and start a new =)

For all my friends who are starting their new semester in college I wish ya all the best and gambatteh!! XD


What bout those who just started work?? :P